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Plan to Go Deposit/Research Fee Agreement

By signing this form, I have acknowledged that it has been explained to me in full that E&M Travel will charge me a research fee of $250 per person that is applied towards my travel.

I also understand that if I do not book with E&M Travel that this fee will not be refunded to me. It is also my understanding that if I find a better deal than that given to me by E&M Travel, that I must show proof and give them an opportunity to book the same deal.

I have agreed to pay by (Circle One): Check           Cash                 Credit Card

If paying by cash or check, we will begin researching your trip once the funds are received.

Credit Card Number _______________________________ Exp. Date ___/___


Name As It Appears On The Credit Card ________________________________________________________________


Signed: ___________________________________ Date: ________________


Information About Our Plan To Go Research Fees:

There are two reasons we are now charging research fees. One is so that we can eliminate those who are just shopping so we may spend quality time on those who are serious about booking a trip with us. And the other is as follows:

A Travel Agency is a very unique business. The better that we do our job of finding the lowest fares, the least expensive hotel and car rental rates, and the most vacation travel for your dollars, the harder we must work and the less money we make. When tickets are written, but then the trip is cancelled and refunded, E&M Travel refunds our entire commission back to the airlines, hotel, car, tour operator, or cruise line. We have done a lot of work, but end up making nothing for our efforts. Common sense suggests that a serious business can not operate losing money on every transaction. All too often these days, the commissions we earn do not cover the cost of the services we provide.

Rather than compromise the quality of our service and the caliber of our  personnel, we have decided to offset specific expenses with service fees. In this way, we can continue to pledge that when you book with us, you will receive the excellent service to which you have become accustomed.

Planning a trip today can be time consuming and confusing. Your travel agent is a dedicated, hard-working professional who not only arranges the various components of your vacation, but also provides a host of other valuable services that save you time and money.

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