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Robert and Carol C., Palm Harbor, FL, May 2008 , trip to Mexico Riviera Maya, Bahia Prnicipe Coba

Sophia..I just wanted to let you know that our trip to Riviera Maya was by far the best vacation we have ever had.. It could not have been more perfect..no glitches or suprises...flights were on time and smooth, transfer to resort was easy, our resort the Coba was absolutely beautiful (rooms were just beautiful and large, decorated great, room location was facing the pool, only a few steps to buffet and restaurants)  The shuttle transportation throughout the resort was very efficient, under a 5 minute ride to beach and no waiting.  we never had to leave the resort because it was so perfect..I would recommend the Coba to anyone and I am looking forward to going back next year, everyone in our party was highly satisfied.  Thank you so much for your help and I will definitely look forward to your help in planning our next vacation.....you will be hearing from me!!!!!!!   

Chuck and Cindy from NY, Mexico, Los Cabos, Marquis and Palmilla , August 2007

The trip was AMAZING. Chuck and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The Marquis Los Cabos was beautiful. It was relaxed and quiet, the rooms were aesthetically beautiful and the food was outstanding. We tried every restaurant! Pamilla was even more spectatular then we remembered. We connected with several people at the pool and visited with them throughout our stay there. The resort is out of this world. I am confident that we will return there at some point! Thank you again for helping us make all of our travel arrangements.

Alice P., NYC, Ixtapan Hotel and Spa  May 2005

We absolutely loved that trip.  We are planning to go again but definitely off season when it is not so crowded.  Please keep me posted if any good deals come across your desk.  It was wonderful, we are going back!  Thanks for all your help, I am sorry I should have e-mailed you to let you know how much my sister and I enjoyed the experience.

Linda and Richard V, CT, Dreams Cancun, March 2005

We had a very nice time. a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday. THANK YOU for the chocolates!  Thanks again for the nice service.  It was good to meet you.  I've already told my friends about you.

Lucia and Jonathan B., CT, Catalonia Puerto Aventuras, February 2005, Riviera Maya

It is sad to be back to the cold and snow after such a beautiful warm week.  The resort was really lush, comfortable, clean, great food, friendly people and lots of activities and entertainment.  We could walk to the nearest marina Puerta Aventuras and visited Playa Del Carmen.  There are so many all inclusive resorts along the coast south of Cancun.  We would definitely go back to that area but next time plan ahead because my only complaint would be the awful flight.  We would be willing to pay extra to go direct to Cancun.  The  Mexico City connection made our travel day 13 hours from leaving my house to arriving at the resort.  Apple tours was efficient and helpful.  The beaches at the resorts in Playa del Carmen are much nicer than where we were so next time I think we would like to try one of them.  Much of our ocean front was a little rocky and rough so you needed water shoes which we did bring.  There was a quiet lagoon which was great for kids and kayaking.  Anyway,  thanks again and we will definitely be in touch in the future and will tell our friends.

Elisa N from CT, June , 2004, Hotel Copacabana, Riviera Maya

The Hotel is new and the rooms are very appealing. The Hotel is set in the middle of the natural forest of the area and has a stone walkway to the pool area and beach.
Nice white sandy beach with Club Maeva on the South and XPU-HA to the North.
Copacabana is located 1 hour South of Cancun and 20minutes south of Playa del Carmen. Basically, on a remote location where you need transportation if you feel like going out in the town at night. If you go just to relax, as I did, you don't feel isolated. I enjoyed the peacefulness of the place.
In general I enjoyed my vacation althought it rained for 3 consecutive days. Pouring rain, tropical thunder storm. But I got to watch all the soccer games from the European championship, so not all was bad about the rain. We also went shopping during one of these days and got back soaking wet but had fun. Tourists took it on the bright side!! it's always good to be on vacation rain or not!!
What did I not like?
1. In general, the Hotel staff is not very friendly to the guests and we felt treated like they were doing us a favor always. Tips are solicited everywhere.
2. The Hotel did not have sufficient cups and glasses and often we had to wait for cups to be washed and brought back to the restaurant.
The Hotel needs better management and less "can't do" rules. It is  4 star hotel. The premises are 4 star, the service is 3 star to my judgment.
3. The Hotel had a problem with water supply to the bathrooms showers and some people did not have water for 3 days. When I complained, the Hotel told me they cannot solve my problem because I am with Apple and I need to complain to Apple. I told them that Apple has no problem, it is the Hotel who has a problem and needs to solve it, but they confirmed that If I were their direct client they would move me to another hotel; being with Apple, they can't do anything.
Fortunately we were affected just one afternoon, so I did not need to worry.
The Hotel never provided an explanation as to what happened, and never apologized for the trouble. That's what I did not like about the incident.
If I decide to return to this area some day, I will choose a Hotel in PLAYACAR. Definitely the best and nicer location in Riviera Maya.
Playacar is a Hotel and planned residential complex just south of Playa del Carmen and offers both the quietness of Riviera Maya, combined with the close proximity of the town of Playa del Carmen.
I do thank you for organizing my vacation. All in all, we enjoyed it. We are usually very forgiving when we take one of these packages. And I would still recommend the Hotel to people that want a budget vacation package. At comparable or slightly higher package price, if there is a choice in Playacar, then, definitely choose Playacar area hotels.
I hope my feedback can help you serve other clients looking for Riviera Maya.

David L., from PA and 4 families, March 2004, Mexico, Sunscape

The Sunscape turned out fine.  I had emailed the manager (Rod Gahr) and the room manager (Enrico Rubli) a number of times before our arrival.  They refused to guarantee a room and so we were concerned.  But, when we arrived, all 3 of the families that were supposed to have two rooms that adjoining ended up with non-adjoining adjacent rooms.  The setup was suboptimal, but with baby monitors, and one family not using their second room, it turned out ok.  Aside from the room arrangement the resort was great.  The staff was friendly, the food was great, the beach was nice although a few rocks and rough spots and a number of people cut their feet on coral.   It is about 1 1/2 hours from the airport.  The ruins in Tulum are nice - not huge but still impressive. The kids club was great.  It was included in the price of the resort and was a nice air conditioned space for the kids.  There was a bit of a language barrier with the caregivers who did not always speak English well, but they were warm and friendly.  They were able to follow simple directions, but if a child has some complex need, it would be a problem.
So that's it!  Thanks for all of your hard work!! 

Robinson family from Houston, March 2004, Mexico

Just to let you know, we all had a WONDERFUL time at Riu Palace. Aeromexico was great, the transfers at the airport were easy, and the hotel was beautiful. They did give us a room overlooking the fountains. We really loved it and were happy to have stayed there as opposed to a few others that we saw. We want to go back sometime and we really appreciate your services. Thank you for all of your help in making this possible for us!


Linda G., Spa Ixtapan, Mexico, April-May 2003

The Spa was incredible, it was everything and more that I had expect it.. We hope to return at the end of the summer so I'll get back to you.  Again Thanks a million for all your help you were amazing.

Group of students from Vanderbilt University, March 2003, Acapulco Spring Break

It was amazing, thanks for everything you have done for us. -Taylor

2 couples about Las Palapas trip, Rivera Maya, March 2003

Thank you for your help in arranging our recent vacation to Las Palapas in Playa del Carmen. Can't wait to return to that fabulous facility. It was completely occupied and we had to reserve a beach palapa by 7 AM with towels - don't tell anyone else about this jewel.

Las Palapas was the best.  The brochure says, "Simply Paradise" and it was. The food, accommodations, all the help, drinks, pool, beach were 100% perfect.  We cannot tell you one thing that could improve it. The guests were mostly Germans, Swiss and French.  A smattering of Americans and all very high class people. Even the few children were well behaved. The darling town was not too far from the resort and walkable.  (Is that a proper word?)  We walked there several times to  do a little shopping and for the exercise. We also felt very safe even though we only went there during the day. Thank you for putting this trip together for us.  You have been very thoughtful and always on time with the documents, etc. You need a raise!!!!
Thank you for all your help

Crista R. NJ, Bahia Principe trip, Mexico March 2003

I cannot thank you enough for finding the Bahia Principe for us. We had one of the most memorable and wonderful vacations ever. You really understood what we were looking for - it was perfect. On one hand I want to recommend it to everyone I know, on the other I want to keep it as my own secret... In any case, muchas gracias!!! I look forward to working with you again. 

Sincerely, Crista R. 

Chris L. from Connecticut, Iberostar, Riviera Maya, Mexico April 2001

It was an absolutely wonderful place. The water and beach were fantastic, the staff, service, accommodations and food were outstanding!!!  Thank you for your help in finding us a suitable vacation area!
Best regards, Chris

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