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Xaloc Resort

Isla Holbox, Yucatan

Holbox Island, the last retreat in paradise. Kilometers of virgin beaches, streets of sand, without cars, a population dedicated only and exclusively to fishing. Little tourism on an island located at the north of Yucatan. The ecology conceived as at its beginnings. On Holbox, the air is purer, cleaner, the sun heats the skin, meanwhile the nature continues its way, slowly, quiet, far from the rest of the world. Embodied in the Área Natural de Protección de flora y fauna de Yum-Balam, Holbox emerges on the Caribbean as a retreat of peace, so original as warm.
This small gem, Xaloc Resort, was inaugurated in 2001 - a small ecotourism hotel on the paradise and undiscovered Holbox Island, integrated in the Area Natural de Protección de flora y fauna de Yum-Balam, Mexico. Xaloc Resort offers guests all the facilities that they need on this isolated and wonderful island. The hotel has nine romantic bungalows (one room each bungalow),  with comfortable but rustic style furniture and Mexican decoration, very good finishes and installations (hot water, mosquito net, ceiling fan, an exterior porche in every room with the typical yucatecan hammocks...).  And in addition to all of that, our installation include: restaurant and bar (open the whole day), swimming pool, wet-bar, reading or games room, craft boutique.  The hotel also offers the following services: boat and kayak tours, golf-cart and bicycle rental, bird watching and fishing excursions...

You have two possibilities to arrive there:

By plane: Holbox Island has a small airport where you can land by private plane, or a rented one. The approximated time from Cancun is 30 minutes.

By boat: The usual way to arrive to the island is by boat from Chiquila. There is a regular-line boat that crosses the 12 kilometers separating Chiquila and Holbox (it takes between 15 and 20 minutes). Chiquila is two and a half hours driving from Cancun and about four hours from Merida

Like the rest of the Caribbean islands, the sun is always shining over Holbox. With an average temperature of 27ºC, the sea breeze makes the life different from the rest of the world. The raining season is from September to November, and the windy season from December to February. The rest of the year, the sun heats more than usual, so you have to take some precautions.

Services provided at hotel:


Xaloc Resort has nine rooms, every one is a round "palapa" with the traditional 7m. high-palm tree roof. 

Every room is built in the interior of a palapa, the most common way of building in this area, using hard woods and palm tree roofs. At Xaloc, this ecological construction is very well combined with the colorful Mexican style and comfort. In your room, you will sleep under a mosquito net, and you will experience the traditional hammocks on the exterior porches. You can choose a room with king-size bed or a room with two twin beds. The palapa is the traditional construction in Mexico and Holbox. The original construction was very simple: trunks of palm trees for the walls and the leaves for the roofs. These "cabañas" were built close to the beaches to protect from the sun. Little by little, Caribbean hotels have integrated this type of construction in the local arquitecture. This kind of construction is also very appropriated for the warm climat of this area

At the restaurant Majá che, our chef will delight your taste with exquisite Mexican and Yucatecan dishes. Holbox is a fishermen village, that is why the fish and the lobster are one of the best options you can try here. It is a pleasure to watch the arrival of the fishermen with their boats full of fresh fish, which is coming direct to the restaurant to be served to you.

Holbox appears in the heart of Mayan culture, protecting its remains, and converting them to the one of the most impressive paradises in the Caribbean. Pirates´ refugee, shark-hunters island and nowadays a quiet fishermen´s village, begins today to timidly face the tourism. Holbox is located in the Area Natural Protegida de Yum-Balam, the perfect place to observe the nature living by its own rules, watching the human presence which does not intervene in its process



The fishing is the most popular activity on Holbox. Its waters are rich of great number and species of fish. The experience of fishing around the island will be something unforgettable, let the fishermen tell you because they know the best places and technics. Pargos, meros, boquinetes, pámpanos, lobster... swim in these waters and become a delicious dish on your table.
The hotel was selected to become a member of Mexico Boutique Hotels (a collection of 30 hotels of character located throughout Mexico that has an intimate size, idyllic settings, highly personalised service and individual style)

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