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Eco Paraiso

Discover a hidden paradise on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. This small hotel was designed and constructed with great care to meet ecological standards. It is situated directly on a pristine natural beach, embedded in a vast plantation of malayan dwarf coconut palm trees.  Eco Paraiso offers you a unique experience with nature and a place to relax allowing you to leave the pressures of everyday life behind. Just imagine watching pelicans or flamingos flying across the skies or even sea turtles when they come ashore to lay their eggs or hatch two months later; strolling along the beach for hours, millions of seashells at your footsteps, your only companions being the sounds of the sea and a few fishing boats passing by.

This small eco-friendly beach hotel is surrounded by a 100 hectares (240 acres) coconut grove. The terrain lies on a small peninsula. To the west, lies the Gulf of Mexico with breathtaking sunsets; to the east the famous "Ría de Celestún", a salt water inlet with unique flora and fauna. Because of its importance as the main feeding area for the American Flamingo and countless species of waterfowl and shorebirds it was decreed a Special Biosphere Reserve in 1989. 

15 spacious cabañas (bungalows) are embedded in the natural surroundings. All of them offer a wonderful view of the Gulf of Mexico. Every cabaña has a veranda with 2 hammocks and 2 comfortable armchairs.  The bungalows are equipped with 2 queen size beds, a sitting area with sofa bed, desk, spacious bath with shower, closet and safety deposit box. For ecological reasons the rooms are not equipped with air conditioning. Instead, 2 ceiling fans, a well-designed air circulation system and the Mayan technology, la palapa (thatched roof), will provide for enough refreshing ventilation.

La Casa Club is our main building, which offers a large variety of activities. Here the guests meet for a leisurely chat at the bar, or for a game of table tennis or billiard. In small library which has books in 4 languages you can sit down and read, or watch videos or play board games. 

All meals are served in the Casa Club Restaurant. Take your time and relish on a tasty Mexican breakfast! Fresh fruit juices, a seafood omelet and hotel's own homemade whole meal bread "Pan Xixim", is offered among many other delicious items. In the evening chef prepares a 4-course candlelight dinner, with fresh fish, seafood, Mexican, Yucatecan or international dishes are served.

The fresh water swimming pool is perfect for relaxation. A pergola provides shade to read a book, look at the natural surroundings, or listen to the sound of the waterfall. From the pool you have great views of the dunes and the unaffected beach with its countless seashells. Enjoy a cool drink while watching the incredible sunset. 

ECO PARAISO Xixim is an ecological hotel. In Mayan language, Xixim means “sea shell”. It is a symbol of untouched nature. 

Recycling of water . 
At ECO PARAISO Xixim, integrated recycling system is installed for water and organic waste. This way, the  e soil and the ground water is prevented  from being polluted, and at the same time gained nutritious compost and water for our spacious gardens of coastal dune flora.

Saving energy

ECO PARAISO Xixim has been designed as an ecological and self sufficient-hotel. The ecological balance of nature is touched as little as possible. Energy saving light bulbs, a sophisticated illumination system, the absence of television sets or air conditioning in the rooms and conscious handling of energy in general help to minimize the use of natural resources.

Hotel's  small Natural History Museum, located beside the reception, offers an overall view of the surrounding flora and fauna. The insects, reptiles, plants, nests and shells that are displayed in our showcases have been carefully selected and were all found within a 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) radius of the hotel. Those interested in learning more about the biodiversity that surrounds us may consult the specialized literature in the museum or ask one of the local knowledgeable tour guides. 

Hotel's packages start from $738 per person double and include:

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