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About Caribbean Islands


The heart of Caribbean.
Antigua has a flavor and style reminiscent of merry old England. This island offers various choice of accommodations from upscale resorts which attracts celebrities from around the world to quiet, elegant retreats. But the best attraction are the beaches - a total of 365 in all. Antigua is a very picturesque island and is worthy of a least an afternoon of exploration. Referred as "Caribbean Williamsburg", Nelson's dockyard has a variety of colonial naval buildings, shops, restaurants and more.

Where doing nothing means experiencing it all.
A special island... Small, serene, uncrowded. A quiet island where the people are welcoming and visitors are quickly becoming friends. A haven from the place of life elsewhere. A place to relax and enjoy the sand between your toes. Excellent beaches and restaurants. Queen Elizabeth vacations there!

An island all your own.
Aruba is a blend of various European nationalities which settled this island in the Netherland Antilles. Noted for its miles of soft, white sand beaches lined with palm trees and resorts, Aruba offers a wide variety of water sports, duty free shopping, exquisite dining, exciting casinos and nightlife. Aruba is cosmopolitan but relaxed. It is known for its cleanliness and for the friendliness of people.

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The islands of the Bahamas
It just keeps getting better.
An Archipelago just south of Florida. Consists from New Providence (Paradise Island, Nassau, Cable Beach), Grand Bahama Island and small "Family Islands". Culture galore is what you will find on this island. Grand Bahamas Arts and Crafts village features more then 96 vendors offering colorful creations by locals. Tour one of the world's largest charted underwater cave systems in Lucayan National park. Shop in Nassau at it's famous Straw Market. Paradise Island is known for it's beautiful white-sand beaches, foliage, colorful flowers, and groves of trees.

Just beyond your imagination.
Considered the most "British" of the Commonwealth islands, the charm of an earlier and more leisurely age has not been lost in Barbados. Beautiful powdery beaches dot the Caribbean side of the island. Sightseeing is rich in history, and shopping is rich in treasure – especially British goods. An abundance of water sports activities and a great variety of nightlife ranging from folklore shows to dancing under the stars adds up to round the clock fun.

Let yourself go..
The natural beauty of blue seas, pink beaches, abundant flowers and lush rolling greens create the magical pastel setting that is Bermuda. There is much to see and do, too on this island of fascinating geography and history. Take your pick - relaxation or excitement. Swimming, fishing, scuba diving, water skiing, sailing and great golf await the sporting soul while shopping for international bargains and sightseeing excite the explorer. British-style pubs, discos, calypso tunes and Las Vegas style revues give you a choice of evening activities.

The friendliest island in the Caribbean.
Bonaire is owned and strongly influenced by Dutch culture and architecture. Beacuse of its charming island athmosphere and easygoing people, Bonaire has earned its reputation as the friendliest island in the Caribbean. Bonaire is not only surrounded by coral reef, it is a reef in itslef with the best diving and snorkeling in the Western hemisphere. It is often said that that Bonaire has more flamingoes than people. At beaches, sand is in three colors - pink, white or black. There are spectacular parks and conservation areas, making the island a true paradise for nature lovers.

The breakaway from the everyday.
An island unlike any other. The picturesque Floating market, the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, the famous Ponton Bridge. The Capital Willemstad, with it's quaint colonial style architecture reflects the Dutch influence of centuries ago. Charming colonial plantation houses, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, the purest drinking water. The gold medal-winning Amstel, the only beer distilled from sea water. Plus dependable weather.

The Cayman Islands/Grand Cayman
Those who know us, love us.
A magical isle that lies 480 miles south of Miami; a loyal British colony that is peaceful, friendly and a wonderful uncrowded vacation spot. The people of the Cayman islands are known for their warmth and sincere friendliness. Known worldwide for their diving, snorkeling and water sports, the Cayman's incredibly clear, beautiful waters set the scene for underwater paradise. Enjoy the duty-free shopping with bargains on fine china, Waterford Crystal, famous perfumes, spirits, British woolens and beautiful Caymanian black coral jewelry.

Dominican Republic
Come discover the Dominican Republic difference.
An interesting blend of city, countryside and stunning beaches, The Dominicana (AKA Dominican Republic) is where you discover ultimate vacation. Choose from Puerto Plata, where you'll find interesting shops, restaurants, and beautiful beaches with colorful flowers and tropical greenery. Or, for sightseers, Santo Domingo offers old world charm. Stroll thru cobblestone streets enroute to visiting museums, art galleries and churches in the oldest settled city in Western Hemisphere. In the evening, enjoy the pleasures of the modern city with it's discos, nightclubs and casinos. Both cities cater to golfers, tennis buffs, and water sports and horseback riding enthusiasts.

Come to Jamaica and feel all right!
Lush and lovely, Jamaica's beauty enchants everyone. Ringed by beautiful white-sand beaches, Jamaica is peaked by the forested and rugged ridges of Blue Mountains. Water sports abound, but there is more to this island paradise than beach life. Climb a waterfall, take a river raft trip, enjoy a steam train ride into the island's interior, visit old plantation houses, play golf or bargain for art or great Jamaican fashions.

Puerto Rico.
Discover the continent of Puerto Rico.
Cosmopolitan nightlife blends with the colonial culture and history to create an atmosphere of excitement and beauty. Old San Juan is reminiscent of Old Spain, and the beachfront suburbs of Condado and Isla Verde abound with high-rise casino hotels, sophisticated shopping, dining and entertainment. Variety continues into the countryside with its quiet seaside resorts, lush rain forests, spectacular beaches ...and onto the water with fishing, boating, sailing and diving.

St. Kitts and Nevis.
Your place in the sun..
Tranquil, easy going and friendly best describes the atmosphere of these lovely islands. Situated between Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, St. Kitts boasts spectacular views of neighboring islands from the summit of Mt. Liamuga and atop Brimstone Hill, a fortress dating from 1736 known as "Gibraltar of the Caribbean". Nature Lovers will enjoy a visit to the rain forest and the monkey preserve. For island’s fashions, visit the batik factory or the shops in town for native crafts. The island's best beaches are in Frigate bay and Banana Bay sections.

St. Lucia
...Simply beautiful!
A lush, exotic little gem in the Southern Caribbean, only 27 miles long and full of surprises: rain forests, banana plantations, tropical flowers and fruits everywhere. Lovely beaches and quiet bays are filled with tiny, dazzling fish. Visit the Pitons, twin volcanic mountains from water's edge to their peaks, and a fantastic volcano that you can walk into! A spectacularly lush island, St. Lucia has the setting for many movies including James Bond films.

St. Maarten/St. Martin
Delightfully Dutch. Fantastically French.
This island is an elegant retreat where visitors come to spend their time in - or very close by - the water. St. Maarten/St. Martin actually has a split personality - one half is Dutch - St. Maarten, St. Martin - French. No matter how you choose to spell it, this island is a romantic and scenic getaway. In the evening after gourmet French dinner visit casino on Dutch side for excitement.

British Virgin Islands
Discover nature's little secrets...
The British Virgin Islands, composed of over 50 islands, rocks and cays dotting the sparkling blue waters, around Sir Francis Drake Channel, and known for some of the finest sailing and water sports anywhere. Tranquil. Enchanting. Whether the visitor arrives by air or by sea, he will be overwhelmed by the surrounding

US Virgin Islands
The American paradise in the Caribbean!
US Virgin Islands. St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. JohnStill showing its Danish heritage, St. Croix is part of the American paradise of the US Virgin Islands. Well known for its Cruzan Rum distillery, sightseeing highlights also include a sugar plantation and greathouse, the rain forest or an excursion to Buck island, an underwater National Park. Glimmering bays, powdery sand beaches, towering green hills, unsurpassed shopping make your vacation on St. Thomas unforgettable. For sailing enthusiasts, St. Thomas is the gateway to Drake Passage - the most scenic Caribbean sailing. St. John is uncrowded with almost 1/3 of it's territory occupied by National Park and has beautiful beaches and views.

Turks & Caicos Islands
Beautiful by nature.
Most Americans are probably unfamiliar with Turks and Caicos, an archipelago of arid and rough-hewn islands lying 575 miles southeast of Miami. The beauty of this region is in the pure interplay of earth and water; the contrast of sculpted limestone formations interspersed with sprawling beaches, cactus, and scrub bush; and the acres of spreading mangroves and wetlands. As a result, these islands offer plenty of opportunity for observing nature, particularly in the deserted cays etched along the shoreline. Besides excellent diving, the wetlands offer the intrepid the chance for serious exploration and bird watching. Providenciales (familiarly known as "Provo"), is one of the most popular destinations for visitors. Today, one of Provo's greatest assets is a broad, unbroken extent of beach stretching 12 miles along the shore of Grace Bay. Accommodations here can run from the small to the medium-sized hotel to luxury condos to resorts. There is also fine dining, nightclubs, casinos, a bit of shopping, tennis courts, and an 18-hole golf course.

Martinique, French Caribbean
Island of Flowers
The Arawaks, its original inhabitants, named Martinique Madinina, "Island of Flowers". Famous for its lush tropical vegetation, the island features wild orchids, frangipani, anthurium, jade wines, flamingo flowers and hundreds of varieties of hibiscus. Columbus explored the island in 1502, but it was the French in 1635 who established the first permanent European settlement on the island overcoming the Carib Tribe. Nowadays, it is a rich, highly developed island with the biggest shopping malls and the finest restaurants in the Caribbean. A typical day here could be spent exploring museums in the morning, relaxing on the beach in the afternoon, dining at one of the island's many gourmet restaurants and enjoying the nightlife at the jazz clubs or casinos.

St. Bart's, French Caribbean

St. Bart's was named by Columbus for his brother Bartolomeo. The island was ceded to Sweden 1784-1878 when it again became a French Colony. Evidence of this period can be found in the capital city of Gustavia (named for King Gustav III of Sweden) where once can still view examples of Nordic Architecture and street signs written in French and Swedish. Long known as the resort for celebrities and royalty, the island is the quiteset and most relaxing of the French West Indies. Famous for it's gourmet restaurants and beaches whose waters range from calm to surfable, the island is ideal resort location..

Guadeloupe, French Caribbean

Guadeloupe is made of two islands, Basse-Terre and Grande_Terre, connected by a draw bridge that spans the narrow strait called "Riviere Salee". Most hotels and tourist area are located on Grand-Terre. Basse-Terre is less developed featuring the vast "Parc National" with lush rain forests, thundering water falls and off its west coast at Malendure is one of the world's finest diving sites. Explore the off-shore archipelago of "Illes de Santes", "Marie Galante" and "La Desirade" where you will find an area that has remained largely untouched by the outside world.

An endless journey...
So close to United States and yet so far, Mexico is a country of enormous complexity, beauty and romance can easily conquer your heart, enticing you to return again and again. The Mexico Caribbean beaches are pristine with turquoise water and coral reefs. Everywhere you will find reminders of the Mayans and Aztecs whose civilizations were more advanced than any contemporaries in Europe or Africa. But most for all, the greatest asset of Mexico is its people. They are friendly, warm and the family in Mexico is an immensely valued and respected institution. And that respect is carries over to the visiting families, that's why many Americans find Mexico to be a destination who welcomes family more than any other. Cancun and Tulum are the hottest spot to visit in the Caribbean Sea. Cancun combines the modern amenities, unique archaeological zones and a large variety of the world's most beautiful beaches. And, lately, the 100 miles corridor between Cancun and Tulum has been targeted for new development. This area has striking natural landscape - unspoiled beaches, rain forests and Mayan ruins.

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